Low Cost Veterinary Clinic and Network

The Pet Compassion Centers has spayed/neutered and provided essential veterinary care to over 2,700 cats from our small municipal shelters and communities in the tri-state area that otherwise would not have veterinary support. With this program, our goal is to ensure that no pet is adopted out unaltered.

In addition to spays and neuters, we provide basic and ancillary care, including, but not limited to vaccinations, flea treatments, antibiotics, blood-work, urinalysis, hernia repairs, amputations, enucleations and humane euthanasia when needed. We can also provide dental work and extractions, x-rays, and emergency/after-hours veterinary care through our best-in-class partner veterinarians. Our clinic serves pets of our partner shelters and owned pets on a referral-only basis. We do this through our partner shelters and veterinarians who have qualified the need to keep the pet with the pet owner.