Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

Our mission is to create a community where all pets have a healthy, happy life. Our purpose is to create opportunities for education and compassion to eliminate animal abuse and strengthen the human-pet bond. We achieve this by executing effective programs to help our municipal animal shelters better serve their communities to:

  • Improve the quality of pet food available to the underserved in our community, reducing their food and veterinary costs
  • Reduce shelter intake and associated taxpayer spending
  • Help elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged residents keep companion pets

The Pet Compassion Centers has chosen as our mission to support area shelters throughout the Mid-South by providing pet food and supplies, surgical services, placement options for cats, and eventually temporary boarding for dogs with confirmed pathways to approved organizations. We feel that helping our already overburdened shelters with their work is the most effective way we can play a role in building compassion and ending preventable euthanasia in our community for good.

The Pet Compassion Centers currently support shelters in Shelby, Tipton, Lauderdale, Haywood, Dyer, McNairy, Crittenden, DeSoto, Tunica and Marshall counties in the tri-state areas and will add more this year for those meeting requirements.