Compassion Programs

The Pet Compassion Center Compassion Programs enable the elderly and disabled residents to have a loving pet and provide peace of mind.

We provide a companion for them to love and care for.

The Pet Compassion Centers can help provide pets and veterinary care to those individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford their care or the enjoyment of a companion through their local shelter. Older adults who are pet owners are likely to be more alert, require fewer trips to the doctor, and are less likely to suffer from depression and loneliness. As communication becomes difficult with humans, the elderly can find enormous comfort in a purring companion

The vast majority of hoarding cases occur with elderly or disabled pet owners. Caring for and vetting a pet can be financially challenging for those on a fixed income. When the animal is not spayed or neutered, this can quickly escalate to a stressful situation with litter after litter being born, and the financial burden is compounded with each new kitten.

Those in this situation do not know how to solve the problem, and it quickly spirals into cases of hoarding and neglect where animals are not receiving proper care. Our goal is to alleviate this financial strain by working with shelters and private veterinarians to develop and sustain programs that assist elderly and disabled pet owners. We work with shelters and private veterinarians on a referral basis to provide essential veterinary care to pets of elderly and disabled community members.